Derelict_ is a squad-based real-time tactics game, requiring a sophisticated mobile defence strategy for objective success.

You play the role of the commander, who controls an elite squad of mercenaries, to take back a derelict space ship that has been infested with Dross, an aggressive race of alien bugs.
The objective of the game is to get your soldiers from one side of the derelict space-ship to the other, moving from one airlock to the next. There you rest, refuel, reload and prepare to meet your opponents in the next level.
Storm the ship, recover the command center, return power to the ship!

You are the Commander. 

You must eradicate the Dross.

You must reclaim the Derelict!

  • Over 200+ Dross at once, on-screen and in-game
  • An advanced Ai system controlling the power of the swarm
  • Great selection of weapons for different styles of play
  • Each play-through is different, with different strategies required
  • Endless possibilities for levels


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About Us

We are Team_Derelict

Alex Zimich: Artist, from Vancouver BC CANADA

David Harrison: Programmer, from Dayton, Texas